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786 Asian number plates

Asian number plates

We have been trading in Asian personalised registration marks for a number of years and have a wealth of experience in this specialised area of private car registrations.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and offer a no nonsense straight forward service. We will always aim to get you the best deal on the market.

Due to the sheer volume of Asian name plates that we have available, we cannot list here the entire full catalogue of Asian name number plates.

As our database of names is growing by the day you will find bookmarking our site useful so that you can return to check on what is new into stock.

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British Asians continue to top the list of big spenders for personalised number plates

Car loving British Asians have topped a list of drivers paying fortunes for personalised number plates.

Tens of thousands of pounds have been spent on ethnic themed personalised car registrations in the past year alone. The priciest asian number plate at £254,000.00 was 51 NGH which went through DVLA auction to a mystery buyer.


Other huge amounts of money paid to the DVLA for personalised number plates include £18,000.00 for AHM 5D spelling Ahmed, £51,500.00 for 1 RAN spelling Iran. Other top sellers were such as the £20,500.00 plate SYR 1A, £16,500.00 for 81 ACK and £27,200.00 for WEL 5H.

Personalised number plate sales raised £87million for the Treasury last year. Lib Dem transport spokesman, Norman Baker said “This array of cherished plates reflects Britain’s changing face”.

Asian businessman Mr Afzal Khan from Bradford, is currently the highest spender in the United Kingdom. Mr Khan splashed out a jaw dropping £440,000.00 on the ultimate private plate F 1.


The F 1 plate has set a new record for the largest amount of money spent on a private registration in the UK.

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