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BMW M3 number plates

The perfect Finishing Touch to your BMW M3 model.

If you are looking for a way to make your M3 stand out from the crowd then look no further.

We have hundreds of the ‘M3′ style personalised registration numbers to choose from. Our reasonably priced M3 range of plates will compliment the look of any M3 BMW, due to the fact that they contain only 5 digits.

CLICK HERE to download and print off our full range of BMW M3 personalised car registration numbers

Not only do these registration numbers look short and sweet, the M3 plates plates are an excellent way of disguising the age of any BMW as they were issued way back in 1994.

You can use an M3 style registrationon on the older model of BMW’s too, as long as the receiving vehicle was registered on or after 01-08-1994 they can be transferred to anything.

We can have any of the M3 plates fully transferred to your vehicle within a matter of days or you may just want to store one on a retention certificate ready to use on a vehicle at a later date.

The M3 plates are sure to prove an excellent investment, so don’t miss out on yours see what we have available by clicking on the number plate image above.

Alternative searches for your M3 style registration.

If your preferred choice of initials or combination of letters is not showing as available with the specific ‘M3′ prefix, browse through our M33 registrations or even our M333 registrations. These will still look superb on your BMW M3.


Our V8 range of personalised registration numbers also look fantastic on the ‘new shape’ V8 powered BMW M3 click here to browse through our V8 private plates.

To see the new V8 powered BMW M3 put through its paces on the ’5th Gear’ TV programme, just click the play button on the above video clip.

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