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DVLA Current Style registration numbers (issued 2001 onwards).

Current Style number plates, also referred to as ‘DVLA New Style number plates’ or ‘DVLA New Style registrations’ were introduced in September 2001.

As with the suffix style registrations and the prefix style registrations, the new ‘Current Style’ registration marks also contain a year identifier.

It is expected that the new current style registration numbers will be used for at least the next fifty years.

What does a current style registration look like?

The current style number plates take the format of 2 letters (which identify the region that the vehicle was registered in) followed by 2 numbers (which identify the age of the registration mark) and then finally 3 random letters. An example of a new style registration number would be such as JA55 PUR.

The current style registration numbers are becoming very popular as personalised number plates due to their flexibility and the fact that they contain 5 letters in total.

The value of a current style personalised number plate can range from as little as £199 for our budget make your own personalised plates right up to tens of thousands of pounds for the more sought after combinations.

Current Style registrations give you many personalisation options.

With the current style registration numbers offering a huge range of possibilities for personalising your vehicle, their value will be determined by what letters and numbers are contained within the number plate, particularly if they resemble popular names or words.

The current style personalised registration numbers are very popular with our customers who are looking to have their own name AND initials on a registration plate for example: Jason Anthony Fox would have several options to consider such as JF03 FOX, JF56 JAF, JA02 FOX, JF57 JAY, JF08 JAS just based on his name and initials, typically these current style combinations would start from around £199.

You do not have to stick to just using your initials or name when considering options for a current style personalised registration number. There are plenty of other ways in which you can personalise your vehicle, for example: if you are a keen golfer you may fancy having something such as BO55 PUT which would certainly get you noticed at your local golf club.

Did you know that we have a dedicated section on our website called search tips and advice where you will find loads of ideas and tips which will help you in finding that perfect number plate.

We also have a help and information section for personalised number plate buyers.

What determines the value of a current style registration?

There are many factors which will have an influence on what a current style registration number is worth such as, does it contain letters which make a name or word, does it have a wide appeal, how many similar ones are on the market etc.

If the last 3 letters of a current style registration are simple initials such as AJH then it is likely to have a lower value than one containing for example TOM.

The current style registrations offer a great way of obtaining your full name on a private number plate for example the registration mark RO54 NNA would be perfect for the name ROSANNA. Personalised registrations like this will attract high prices in the thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) due to their obvious spelling of the name.

If the last 3 letters of a current style registration spell a short name like SUE or ROB then the overall value of the registration mark will depend on the letters and numbers before it. Some of the more sought after front letters and numbers on the new style plates are ones such as FA57, BO55, OO07, YE55 and WHO4 to name a few.

Like with some of the full name style plates mentioned above, the current style registrations can also make excellent word number plates such as HU57 LER for HUSTLER, the possibilities are endless.

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