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Our website is not just home to millions of personalised registrations, it is also the premier source of motoring information.

Our website has been designed with YOU, the motorist in mind. We aim to provide you with all the latest news and information on current motoring issues and developments. incorporates a specialist blog area which is aimed specifically at the motorist, we call it our knowledge centre.

The knowledge centre on is crammed full of useful information, articles and promotions on everything personalised number plate and vehicle related.

About our knowledge centre.

Think of our knowledge centre as a smart electronic butler service for personalised number plates.

Within our knowledge centre you should be able to find the answer to any personalised number plate query that you may have. Simply enter your question directly into the knowledge centre search box using words and/or phrases.

Our knowledge centre will then search through the entire contents of, to find you a relevant article which will provide you with specific information on the query that was entered.

We have help topics within the knowledge centre on pretty much every aspect of personalised registrations, along with many interesting motoring related articles.

If you cannot find your answer within the knowledge centre or feel that there is a subject which we should be covering, feel free to contact us here and let us know as the feedback of visitors is important to us.

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Our knowledge centre contains several categories within it which are all full of useful information on a wide range of topics.

By clicking on any of the categories below you will see the very latest news that has been recently added.

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