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DVLA registrations NEW ’59′ plates

Brand new ’59′ personalised car registrations.

Personalised number plate enthusiasts will no doubt be looking forward to the forthcoming release of the brand new ’59′ DVLA Current Style private registration plates.

The latest series of ’59′ private number plates will open up a whole new world of personalised registrations, with literally millions of various possibilities becoming available on the new 59 plate, there is likely to be a personalised number plate to suit every motorist due to the vast range that will shortly be available to choose from.

Full availability and prices of the brand NEW ’59′ plates are now on our website.

The full 59 range of personalised number plates are now available to view and search through on along with availability and prices.

From our 12+ years experience of dealing in personalised number plates we have always managed to secure 100% of our past clients requests, when they have booked a new release DVLA personalised registration number with us in advance of it being released for general trade purchase.

You can now search through the full range of the new 59 personalised plates for one that suits you using our personalised number plate builder.

Once you have found your perfect 59 personalised number plate combination, you will be able to place your order in advance through our fully secure online ordering system.

Placing your 59 plate order with in advance of the release date, which is set for Tuesday June 2nd 2009, will avoid any disappointment of your specific combination of registration being taken by someone else.

Contact us now to secure your new release ’59′ DVLA registration in advance of release shortly.

Ordering with us in advance also ensures that we have the best chance of securing your specific choice of 59 number plate the morning that they are released for sale to dealers by DVLA Swansea.

What sort of private plate would suit me?

The 59 plates will make way for some eye catching personalised car number plate combinations, with the likes of XX59 XXX and OK59 SUE along with virtually any combination of two letters before the 59 followed by most 3 letter combinations on the last 3 digits of the registration.

The possibilities for private number plate combinations are endless. If you are looking for ideas and tips on how to find your perfect car registration number then you will find our personalised plate search tips and advice section very useful.

In our make your own private plate section, we have the traditional DVLA Prefix Style and also the DVLA Current Style personalised registrations available from just £149.

What age must my car be to have one of the new ’59′ personalised plates on it?

The personalised DVLA current style ’59′ registration numbers, can only be assigned to a vehicle which is going to be registered as new, on or after September 1st 2009.

You can however, still purchase and hold a Current Style 59 private plate (also know as a DVLA ‘New Style’ registration) from if your current vehicle is older.

Please note: you would have to store the 59 personalised registration on an official DVLA retention certificate until you have a vehicle of an appropriate age to display it on.

Help and advice on personalised car number plates.

Number plate Quick Search.

If you fancy something a little different to a ’59′ plate then read on.

Finishing Touch Registrations have just taken into company stock a fantastic quality, short digit, SEXY personalised car registration.

These now very hard to find short digit EXY personalised number plates on the S prefix letter have proved over the years to increase in value at a very healthy rate.

S11 EXY is exclusive to and is available to purchase today. Take a look round at other personalised number plate dealers and compare their sexy cherished number plates with ours, you will soon discover that S11 EXY represents superb value for money.

The SEXY private number plate can be secured over the telephone by any credit or debit card with a deposit of just £500.

Let us take the hassle out of the DVLA paperwork for you.

No need to worry about the transfer paperwork as we handle the entire transfer of the personalised number to your vehicle or we can supply your new plate on an official V750 DVLA retention certificate for use on a vehicle at a later date.

Fun & amusing private plates.

If cherished number plate S11 EXY is not quite your cup of tea, but you still fancy an amusing number plate on your vehicle, why not browse through some of our other exclusive amusing private number plates by clicking the image below.