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Retention certificates

The advantages of the ‘retention certificate’ facility.

If you have seen a personalised number plate for sale that you would like to buy, but you don’t want to assign it to a vehicle straight away, we are able to supply your new personalised registration mark on a retention certificate.

Both the prefix style and current style registrations can be supplied on a retention certificate and then assigned to a vehicle weeks or even months later.

The retention certificate facility is extremely useful in the following situations:

  • The personalised number plate is being purchased as a gift for someone
  • You are waiting for delivery of a new or used vehicle to display it on
  • It is for your son or daughter who is not yet old enough to drive
  • You are waiting to sell your current personalised number plate
  • The registration you want to purchase is newer than the vehicle you are currently driving

What is retention?

A retention certificate (known as a V750 or a V778) is an official DVLA certificate that allows you to purchase and store a registration mark ready for use on a vehicle at a later date.


When you purchase your new personalised number plate on a retention certificate, you will initially have a 12 month period to assign the personalised registration to a vehicle.

If for whatever reason you do not wish to have it transferred to a vehicle within the 12 months, we can extend the certificate for you for a further 12 months. The standard DVLA renewal charge of £25 will apply for each year that it is being stored and there is no limit to how many years you store the registration mark for.

How do I get the personalised number plate put onto retention?

Putting a personalised number plate onto a retention certificate is something that we do, so you don’t need to worry about that side of things.

Virtually all of the personalised number plates that we have for sale on our website are currently stored on retention certificates anyway. If there happens to be one for sale that you wish to purchase that isn’t currently on certificate then we arrange for it to be retained once we have processed your sale.

We offer a FREE top up service should you need it

Our aim is to give you a full 12 months assignment period when you want to purchase a personalised number plate from us and store it on a retention certificate.

Therefore, if the personalised number plate that you want to purchase from us happens to only have a short amount of time left on the retention certificate, we will top it up FREE of charge to ensure that you have a full 12 months left to run on it.

What happens in the future when I decide that I want to use the registration on a vehicle?

There are two ways in which you can have the personalised registration assigned (or transferred as some people would say) to a vehicle.

The most popular and straight forward way is for you to send the required vehicle documentation to ourselves, within 5 working days you will receive the new tax disc, new MOT certificate and the rest of the completion paperwork back through the post. You are then able to display your new personalised registration number on the vehicle. To use this method is FREE and is part of our standard service.

The other way of assigning the personalised registration to a vehicle from a retention certificate is what we call the self transfer method. This is sometimes popular with customers who live near to their local DVLA Vehicle Registration Office or are familiar with assigning personalised number plates.

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