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What are you looking for in your personalised car registration?

A personalised registration number is an item that is as individual as you are therefore what is cherished or personal to one person will possibly be meaningless to others.

You want a personalised registration number that means something to yourself, or, something to raise a genuine smile and act as the perfect gift for a loved one.

Ok, so where do I start?

You will generally need to consider relevant connections, such as: your name initials this is usually the most popular way to personalise a registration.

The personalisation can then be taken a step further by including maybe an ‘abbreviation of your name’ or ‘nickname’. For example: we sell many combinations containing CHR for a Chris, PAU for a Paul or such as JHN for a John.

The nickname connection can take on many combinations, however it doesn’t have to get tricky, an example of the sort of combination we would sell for a nickname would be a DNO for a Deano. You could also incorporate your date of birth or current age into the registration.

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The personalisation doesn’t just revolve around personal names or initials either. Many people like to personalise their vehicle by including details of their hobby, amongst these football club initials are a very popular choice.

Advertising your company name or product on the plate.

You may be looking for a personalised registration to promote your business. We sell a very high percentage of personalised number plates to individuals or companies who want to promote themselves.

A personalised number plate will always get your company noticed, again here the personalisation on the plate could be one of many things, for example: a Car Recovery company may choose something like TOW or PUL, they could also consider things such as their company trading name or initials to match up with the vehicle livery.

Searching for your ideal plate.

You will notice on our homepage we have a search entry box positioned next to the photograph of the red Mini, in the white search box you can type ANYTHING you like.

Once you have clicked the red search button you will then be presented with various options based on your search requirements.

Make your own style plates.

Click here to read about how to search our budget make your own range, of personalised number plates which start at just £149.

If you are stuck for ideas, read our article here to make sure that you can TALK the T4LK. If you would like to read about what our company can do for you then visit our personalised number plate Buyers Guide.

Search suggestions.

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