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The ultimate DIVER car reg number plate NOW IN STOCK

DIVER personalised reg number D111 VER is now available to purchase direct from company stock.

F T Registrations have just taken into our company stock one of the best personalised car registration numbers for the DIVER that you are likely to find.

Quality diver plate combinations are much sought after on the prefix style number plate as very few have been issued over the years. If you are lucky enough to find one with just 1 or 2 number you can pay tens of thousands of pounds with some of the other private plate dealers, however we now have available for you D111 VER which must be one of the neatest registrations combinations currently on the market.

These DIVER personalised registration plates are becoming increasingly harder to find as they were originally issued way back in 1986, they have also proven over the years to increase in value at a very healthy rate. You will also struggle to find a similar combination which makes them even more desirable from an investment point of view. The estimated value of D1 VER in todays market would be around £60,000 and for the D11 VER it would be around £35,000.

D111 VER is exclusive to and is available to purchase today. Take a look round at other personalised number plate dealers and compare their DIVER cherished number plates with ours, if you manage to even find one, you will soon discover that D111 VER represents excellent value for money.

The above private number plate can be secured over the telephone by any credit or debit card with a deposit of just £500.

Let us take the hassle out of the DVLA paperwork for you.

No need to worry about the transfer paperwork as we handle the entire transfer of the personalised number to your vehicle or we can supply your new plate on an official V778 DVLA retention certificate for use on a vehicle at a later date.

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